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Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh is among the most intense and in-depth course module provided by Rishikesh Yog Mandir

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Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Welcome to the heart of Ayurveda in India, Rishikesh, where centuries-old traditions of holistic healing meet the serene beauty of the Himalayas. Our Ayurveda courses in Rishikesh are your gateway to rejuvenation, balance, and well-being through the ancient science of Ayurveda. Dive into a world of natural healing, where personalized treatments, experienced practitioners, and a tranquil environment come together to promote health and harmony. Rishikesh offers a unique opportunity to delve into the profound wisdom of Ayurveda while also embracing the transformative Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh .

ayurveda course in Rishikesh

Introduction of Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh

Ayurveda course in rishikesh india

Rishikesh Yog Mandir offers Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh, India. Our Ayurveda courses provide a deep dive into the core principles of Ayurveda, rooted in the ancient Vedic texts. Students comprehensively understand Ayurvedic philosophy, including the importance of balance, harmony, and individual constitution.
Here are the topics that covered in our Ayurveda courses in Rishikesh:

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikeshHistory, Philosophy, and Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Understanding the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and their influence on health.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Ayurvedic perspective on the human body, including dhatus (tissues) and malas (wastes).

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Five elements and their role in Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Treatment.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Importance of food in Ayurveda, dietary guidelines, and individualized nutrition plans.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Understanding the role of Agni in digestion and overall health.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Techniques for cleansing the body and mind.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Use of pressure points for therapeutic purposes in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Study of medicinal plants and herbs used in Ayurvedic treatments.

Why Choose Us For Ayurvedic Treatment in Rishikesh?

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Our Ayurveda Treatment in Rishikesh seamlessly blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern amenities to ensure your comfort during your healing journey.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Our team of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, guided by traditional knowledge, will tailor treatments to your unique needs.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Experience the power of natural healing through therapies such as Panchakarma, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, and more, all administered using authentic Ayurvedic techniques.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh We believe that each individual is unique. We create personalized wellness plans to address your specific health concerns and goals.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Our Ayurveda centre in Rishikesh offers the perfect environment for healing and relaxation.

Ayurvedic Treatment In Rishikesh Packages

200 hours Ayurveda Packages in Rishikesh

Weight Reduction Package

Ayurveda offers different types of body massages with the help of herbal oil for removing the excess fat from the body. It offers everything that you would prefer a better treatment to control and eliminate obesity. Thus, those who undergo the Ayurveda weight reduction program will surely notice its effectiveness in reducing the excess fat accumulation in the body.

Duration Price
7 days 215 USD / 17,499 INR (only treatment cost)
14 days 425 USD/ 34,999 INR (only treatment cost)
21 days 640 USD / 52,499 INR (only treatment cost)
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Benefits of Weight Reduction Package

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Ayurveda offers a safe and effective weight reduction.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh The program ensures you get a controlled Ayurvedic vegetarian diet combined with massages by using herbal powders and oils to lose weight.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh The Ayurveda Weight Reduction Program assures one of the most genuine metabolic changes.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh You get an exclusive and personalized treatment depending on your body type and needs.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh The Ayurveda Weight Reduction Program is carried out in its most authentic form, supported by Yoga and meditation sessions.

Stress Management Package

Stress is a psychological experience that affects the body and mind profoundly. Prolonged stress offers a negative effect on the body altogether. Thus, we need to undergo appropriate measures for stress management, or else it may lead to severe complications like violence, heart attack, stroke and other issues.

Stress management refers to how techniques are executed to counteract stressful conditions and offer a sense of serenity and relaxation. Ayurveda treatment helps reduce stress, depending on the person's body condition.

Duration Price
7 days 215 USD / 17,499 INR (only treatment cost)
14 days 425 USD/ 34,999 INR (only treatment cost)
21 days 640 USD / 52,499 INR (only treatment cost)
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Benefits of Stress Management Package

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh The stress management Ayurveda package helps to remove excess fat accumulated in the body.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh It helps to enhance proper digestion.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Rejuvenates the mind, body and soul and tones up the skin.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikeshIt Prevents diseases and strengthens all the systems in the body to achieve sound health and longevity.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikeshIt Helps to improve mental vitality and health.

Rasayana Package

"Rasayana" translates to "rejuvenation" in Sanskrit, and this package is thoughtfully crafted to live up to its name. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Rasayana is a centuries-old practice focused on revitalizing the body, enhancing vitality, and nurturing the soul. It encompasses a blend of therapies, herbal treatments, and mindful practices that work harmoniously to promote longevity overall health, and enhance mental and physical vigor. Our Rasayana Package is a comprehensive journey combining ancient wisdom with modern luxury, providing an experience that pampers the body, calms the mind, and renews the spirit.

Duration Price
7 days 215 USD / 17,499 INR (only treatment cost)
14 days 425 USD/ 34,999 INR (only treatment cost)
21 days 640 USD / 52,499 INR (only treatment cost)
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Benefits of Rasayana Package

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh The Rasayana therapy helps to arrest premature ageing.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh It enhances the memory, strength, youth, and sweetness of voice.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikeshIt Improves the metabolic processes that help to eradicate senility and other disease of old age.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh It helps to build a natural resistance against infection.

Ayurveda yoga teacher training rishikesh Nourishes the blood, lymph, and skin and thus helps to prevent degenerative changes and illness.

Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh - 21 Days Program


The Ayurveda 21 day Ayurvedic treatment in Rishikesh packages helps to revitalize and detoxify the body, thus purifying it and making you feel completely fresh and rejuvenated. The Ayurveda therapies help to prolong lifespan, increase physical endurance, improve memory, and maintain perfect health and youthfulness.

Duration: 2 hours


The therapies used in the program are:

Abhayangam: It is a popular Ayurveda body massage that helps in conditioning the body.

Sneha Panam: A medicated Ghee was given to improve the person's digestion.

Udwarthanam: An exceptional therapeutic massage in which herbal powders massage the body.

Vasthi: Vasthi is a treatment that helps to eliminate toxins in the digestive tract.

Dhanyamla Dhara: It includes pouring medicinal liquid over the different parts of the body.

Podi Kizhi: A type of Ayurvedic massage with herbal powder.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Rishikesh

Ayurvedic Treatment

Rishikesh Yog Mandir offers Ayurvedic Treatment in Rishikesh, India. Our dedicated Ayurvedic therapists and instructors ensure your experience is rejuvenating and transformative. Unwind, rejuvenate, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Ayurvedic treatments in Rishikesh. Your health and well-being are our highest priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with the utmost care and expertise.

abhyangam massage

Abhyangam Massage (full body massage)

This Ayurvedic massage technique involves two therapists who use a variety of herbal oils that are medicated in nature. Our therapists use numerous strokes and varying degrees of pressure depending on the individual's body type. A total of 45 minutes is dedicated to this Ayurvedic massage style, which, when applied in a regulated pattern daily, helps prevent ageing and body degeneration. The rhythmic motions used by our therapists in this ayurvedic massage help decrease stiffness in the body while allowing free movement.

Benefits associated with Abhyangam Massage:

  • ☑Rejuvenation of the body.
  • ☑Elongated life.
  • ☑Better immunity.
  • ☑Deep sleep.
  • ☑Helps cure spondylosis.
  • ☑Prevent wrinkles and maintain skin texture.

Udavartanam Massage (Dry Massage with Herbal Powder)

Udavartanam massage provides a special deep-tissue massage with a perfectly balanced use of herbal powders with significant therapeutic effects on the body. The word Udavartanam massage roughly translates to elevating or promoting. Our Ayurveda therapists apply an upward stroke to the body to provide the full benefits of the massage.

The massage treatment involves the therapist warming up the herbal powder, which is applied to the body with strokes opposite to the direction of growth of the hairs. This procedure is done in seven different postures with a duration of at least 45 to 60 minutes, following which the person has to rest for at least 30 minutes.

Benefits associated with Udavartanam massage:

  • ☑Reduces Kapha Dosha.
  • ☑Provides lustre to the skin.
  • ☑Reduces weight by removing excess fat.
  • ☑Useful for conditions such as Muscular dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, obesity..
  • ☑Reduces the cholesterol level in blood.
abhyangam massage

Swedana (Ayurveda Herbal Steam)

As explained in Ayurveda, Swedana is a treatment that involves steam. To simplify it, Swedana is the process of making the person sweat by using steam generated from heating up medicated herbal mixtures. Our expert therapists use this Ayurvedic treatment as a pre-operative process to dilate the channels of the body that help remove toxins before a massage therapy is started.

Benefits associated with Swedana:

  • ☑Expels toxins from deep within the body through tiny pores on the skin.
  • ☑Increases blood circulation while rejuvenating the skin.
  • ☑Reduces stress.
  • ☑Brings down the numbness, heaviness and increases the mobility of the body.
  • ☑Helps with back pain, Asthma, Sinusitis.

Patra Potli Swedana (Bolus Fomentation)

This massage technique involves using herbal left, which is majorly effective for ailments related to bones, nervous system and joints. In this process, our therapists collect fresh leaves that contain Vata-decreasing properties like tamarind or drumstick. This Ayurveda therapy starts with Abhyangam massage followed by massage via warm boluses. The boluses should be no more than 46 degrees or no less. After completing the process, our therapists cover the body with a thick blanket for at least 30 minutes. The final part of this process is a hot shower.

Benefits associated with Patra Potli Swedana:

  • ☑Increases blood circulation in the body.
  • ☑Induces better muscle strength.
  • ☑Reflects better skin with reduced ageing.
  • ☑Helps with Arthritis, Sciatica, sports-related injuries.

Navara Kizhi(Shastika Shalipinda Sweda) (Bolus Fomentation)

This Ayurvedic massage treatment induces sweating while improving overall muscle strength. Our therapists combine milk and rice to provide therapeutic effects that provide nutrition to the body, especially the soft tissue and bones. A unique concoction of milk and rice paste is rubbed against the body to heat the areas with pain.

Benefits associated with Navarakizhi:

  • ☑Helps with Musculoskeletal issues.
  • ☑Brings down the symptoms of neuromuscular diseases.
  • ☑Reduces Vata and Kapha Dosha.
  • ☑Helps with low back pain.
  • ☑Cervical spondylosis.

Nasayam (Nasal Drops)

Nasayam is an Ayurveda practice that focuses on installing numerous herbal medicines via the nostrils. The benefits associated with the Nasayam Ayurvedic treatment are very diverse. The Nasayam therapy, when provided by our expert therapists, helps remove mucous clogs, clearing channels inside the head and stimulating the central nervous system in the brain.

Benefits associated with Nasayam:

  • ☑Improves hair growth.
  • ☑Helps with Arthritis.
  • ☑Brings down the effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • ☑Increases the immunity and makes the sensory organs stronger.

Shiroabhyanga (Head Massage)

Shiroabhyanga, a Sanskrit term for "head massage," is integral to Ayurvedic healing and wellness practices. This ancient therapeutic art is renowned for relaxing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. Rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda, Shiroabhyanga combines skilled touch, aromatic oils, and time-honoured techniques to provide a profoundly soothing and revitalizing experience.

Benefits of Shiroabhyanga:

  • ☑Detoxifies the mind.
  • ☑Improves overall blood circulation.
  • ☑Relieves musculoskeletal tension.
  • ☑Induces deep sleep.


Shirodhara is a luxurious and deeply relaxing Ayurvedic therapy practised for centuries in India. This ancient treatment is renowned for its profound ability to soothe the mind, ease stress, and promote overall well-being. At its essence, Shirodhara is a therapeutic experience that uses a continuous flow of warm herbal oil on the forehead, creating a sense of profound calm and rejuvenation.
Shirodhara derived from the Sanskrit words "Shiro" (head) and "Dhara" (flow), Shirodhara is a therapeutic process in which a steady stream of warm, aromatic oil, herbal decoctions, or buttermilk is poured over the forehead, particularly on the "third eye" or Ajna chakra.

Benefits of Shirodhara:

  • ☑Reduces fatigue.
  • ☑Helps with hypertension issues.
  • ☑Reduces the onset of depression.
kati abhyangam massage

Kati Abhyangam Massage (Back Massage)

Kati Abhyangam is derived from two Sanskrit words: "Kati," which means waist, and "Abhyangam," which signifies oil application. This specialized massage therapy focuses on the waist, lower back, and surrounding areas. It is renowned for its efficacy in relieving lower back pain, sciatica, and muscular stiffness, promoting overall relaxation and rejuvenation.This therapeutic massage is not merely a treatment; it's a holistic experience designed to alleviate discomfort and restore harmony to your body and mind.

Benefits of Kati Abhyangam Massage:

  • ☑Reduces back pain.
  • ☑Helps with muscle soreness.
  • ☑Increases flexibility of the spine.

Pada Abhyangam Massage (Foot Massage)

Pada Abhyangam Massage is derived from the Sanskrit words "Pada" (meaning "foot") and "Abhyangam" (meaning "massage"). Pada Abhyangam is a specialized treatment that pays homage to the feet – the foundation of our physical and energetic balance. It draws on the principles of Ayurveda, focusing on balancing the body's doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) through the art of foot massage.

Benefits of Pada Abhayangam:

  • ☑Provides good eyesight.
  • ☑Cures sciatica.
  • ☑Removes stiffness from muscles in the feet.

These are the numerous Ayurvedic approaches followed all over India instilled by professional therapists. With a hectic lifestyle, taking care of oneself is almost impossible, but Ayurveda helps you remove all the negativity from the body while increasing the overall immunity to fight.

pada-abhyangam massage

Ayurvedic Treatment Price

Treatment Price (For Indian) Duration Benefits Apply
Abhyanga 1200 INR 1 hour promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and enhances skin health. Apply
Udavartanam 1500 INR 1 hour aids in weight loss, exfoliates the skin, and improves circulation. Apply
Swedana 400 INR 15 min promotes detoxification, relaxation, and pain relief through induced perspiration Apply
Patra Potli Swedana 1500 INR 1 hour relieving pain, improving circulation, and detoxifying the body. Apply
Navara Kizhi 1500 INR 1 hour promoting muscle strength, alleviating joint pain, and improving blood circulation. Apply
Nasayam 800 INR 30 min improves sinusitis symptoms, enhances mental clarity, and promotes overall respiratory health. Apply
Shiroabhyanga 800 INR 30 min promotes relaxation, improves circulation to the scalp, and enhances hair health. Apply
Shirodhara 1500 INR 1 hour promotes relaxation, alleviates stress, and enhances mental clarity. Apply
Kati Abhyangam 800 INR 45 min helps alleviate back pain, improves flexibility, and promotes relaxation. Apply
Pada Abhyangam 800 INR 45 min promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation, and enhances overall foot health. Apply
Face Massage 600 INR 30 min promote relaxation, improve circulation, and enhance skin elasticity. Apply
Netra Tarpana 800 INR 30 min promotes eye lubrication, reduces dryness, and enhances vision clarity. Apply
Pizhichil 2000 INR 1 hour offers relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from muscular tension through warm oil massage. Apply
Basti 800 INR 30 Min alleviating constipation, detoxifying the body, and promoting overall gut health. Apply
Kati Basti 1400 INR 1 hour alleviate lower back pain, improves flexibility, and promotes relaxation Apply
Janu Basti 1000 INR 1 hour relieve knee pain, improves joint mobility, and reduces inflammation. Apply
Hrud Basti 2000 INR 1 hour benefits heart health by improving circulation, reducing stress, and enhancing cardiac function. Apply