Frequently Asked Questions

yoga ttc in rishikesh

Yes, you do require a visa to visit India for your training session at Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh. Make sure you obtain the right kind of visa by providing a valid reason for a visit with accurate duration stated in the approved visa. Failing this might get you deported, or you might also be detained when you arrive at the airport in India. Do get a visa that states a date at least some days after your session at Rishikesh is over so that you have ample time to get back to your country without being in a hurry. Also, keep in mind that you must fulfil all the eligibility criteria to obtain a valid visa.

Yoga is an essential art form, especially nowadays, when the days are more about work and less about taking care of oneself. Yoga is such a powerful art form which has been attracting the attention of researchers to understand the underlying as well as visible benefits of the art. Yoga improves flexibility for your entire body, so say bye-bye to all your muscle sprains from running or simply walking. It builds the core strength of the body while bringing down the stress level and correcting your posture. After a hectic day at the office, all you need some tension free minutes and yoga does the same for you.

Our students always get the best and high-end facilities that improve the overall yogic experience. Our personalized training sessions are unparalleled to any other yoga schools in Rishikesh as our highly professional yog gurus are masters at their level. Each teacher helps and understands the needs and requirements of students while rectifying any possible mistakes at the same instance. From food to accommodation, we provide you only the top quality services which are worth your time and money.

Yoga is much more than just an art form to improve flexibility. It prevents various ailments from occurring in the first place by improving your immunity and developing the core body strength to fight off any disease. Yoga strengthens your bones and prevents the occurrence of any cartilage or joint breakdown. It also protects your spine while increasing the blood flow to the body from top to toe.

Yoga when combined with well-balanced diet and the proper daily routine is enough to keep you fit and healthy. Yoga can only impart 100 percent of the associated benefits if you avoid heavy, oily food, saturated fat, fast-food and other health hampering dining options. A balanced diet along with required amount of sleep is highly necessary to be healthy. All these, when combined with yoga, acts as a power-pack combination that brings positivity and health in your life.

Our yoga experts specialize in Vedic Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga and Raja yoga accompanied by meditation and controlled breathing pattern. All these varieties of yoga asanas are properly segregated into various courses to provide an in-depth study and practice for the same. Our yog gurus also create specially modified asanas for different body types.

Yoga is a sacred art which should be started as early as possible. The best age to start yoga is eight as the air sacs in the lungs of young children stabilize at this very age while increasing the overall capacity and strength of the body. However, to get trained in the yoga teacher training course you need to be at least 18 years of age as per law.

The best time to do yoga is early in the morning as the morning sun has just started rising and another is around sunset, i.e., early evening. In the morning, empty your bowel and take a shower if you feel like and start with meditation followed by your regular yoga routine. Repeat the same during the evening as well. Do not practice yoga with a full stomach.

The normal time span for a yoga session including meditation should be around 60 minutes. However, for beginners, a ten-minute session every day that increases gradually is recommended by experts. Do not strain yourself by trying to be perfect at the very first go.

To become a certified yoga teacher, one needs to complete one of the various courses provided by our Rishikesh Yog Mandir like 200-hour yoga teacher training, 300-hour yoga teacher training and 500-hour yoga teacher training. At the completion of each course, students need to give an examination regarding the lessons learnt during the training and post passing the same; they get a certificate that is certified by Affiliate Yoga Schools of Rishikesh.

Yoga and exercise are two different aspects of fitness. Exercises are designed to develop the muscle as well as physical strength. Exercise increases endurance while involving the use of a particular set of muscles. Whereas, yoga is designed to introduce flexibility and build overall core strength of the body while reducing stress and dealing with the cause of various ailments.